Majors, Minors & Certificates


  • BA - Bachelor of Arts
  • BS - Bachelor of Science
  • MA - Master of Arts
  • MS - Master of Science
  • PhD - Doctor of Philosophy
  • UC - Undergraduate Certificate
  • GC - Graduate Certificate
  • MPA - Master of Public Administration
Degree Bachelors Masters PhD Certificates Combined (BA/MA)
Actuarial Studies UC
African/African Diaspora MA UC / GC Yes
Agroecology UC
American Studies UC
Ancient Mediterranean UC
Anthropology/ Sociology - in Global & Sociocultural Studies Dept. BA MA PhD Yes
Asian Globalization & Latin America UC / GC
Asian Studies BA MA UC / GC Yes
Biodiversity Conservation & Management UC / GC
Biological Sciences BS MS PhD
Biological Sciences with Biology Education Major BS
Chemistry & Biochemistry BA / BS MS PhD Yes
Chemistry with Chemical Education Major BA
Chinese Studies UC
Coastal and Marine Affairs UC
Community Development GC
Comparative Immunology UC
Conflict Resolution and Consensus Building GC
Creative Writing MFA
Criminal Justice BS MS Yes
Cuban and Cuban American Studies UC
Earth Sciences with Earth Science Education Major BA
Earth Sciences-in Earth & Environment Dept. BA
Economics BA MA PhD Yes
English BA MA
English with English Education Major BA
Environmental Studies-in Earth & Environment Dept. BA / BS MS UC / GC Yes
Ethnic Studies UC
European Studies UC / GC
Exile Studies UC
Film Studies UC
Forensic Science MS PhD UC Yes
French- in Modern Languages Dept. BA
Geography Information Systems GC
Geography- in Global & Sociocultural Studies Dept. BA
Geosciences/Geology- in Earth & Environment Dept. BS MS PhD Yes
Gerontological Studies UC
History BA MA PhD Yes
Homeland Security and Emergency Management GC
Human Resources Policy and Management GC
Integrated Marketing Communications: Latin American GC
International and Comparative Public Administration GC
International Relations BA MA PhD Yes
Japanese Studies UC
Judaic Studies UC
Labor Studies and Labor Relations UC
Latin American Studies MA UC / GC
Law, Ethics and Society UC
Legal Translation and Court Interpreting (professional) UC
Liberal Studies BA MA Yes
Linguistics-English MA UC Yes
Marine Biology- in Biology Dept. BS
Marriage and Family Therapy GC
Mathematics with Mathematics Education Major BA
Math Science- in Math & Statistics Dept. BS MS Yes
Mathematics- in Math & Statistics Dept. BS
Middle East and Central Asian Studies UC
National Security Studies UC /GC
Philosophy BA
Physics BA / BS MS PhD
Political Science BA MA PhD Yes
Portuguese- in Modern Languages Dept. BA
Portuguese Interpretation Studies(professional) UC
Portuguese Language and Brazilian Culture Studies(professional) UC
Portuguese Translation Studies(professional) UC
Post-baccalaureate Undergraduate Premedical UC
Pre-Modern Cultures UC
Professional Language(professional) UC
Professional Leadership Studies(professional) UC
Psychology BA MS PhD
Public Administration BPA MPA PhD GC Yes
Public Management GC
Public Policy Studies UC
Religious Studies BA MA GC yes
Sephardic and Oriental Jewelry, Study of UC
Geography with Social Studies Education Major BA
History with Social Studies Education Major BA
Political Science with Social Studies Education Major BA
South & Southeast Asian Studies UC
Spanish- in Modern Languages Dept. BA MA PhD Yes
Spirituality UC
Statistics- in Math & Statistics Dept. BS MS Yes
Sustainable Communities GC
Transnational and Regional Studies UC / GC
Urban Affairs(professional) UC
Water, Environment & Development GC
Women’s Studies BA UC / GC