Career Services

Career Services

Career Services offers Internship information, interview experience, and workshops that help to prepare students for future employment.

UP, GC 230; 305-348-2423
BBC, WUC 255, 305-919-5770
ENG-EAS 2780; 305-348-1281

The Panther Internship Program

The Panther Internship Program is designed to help students prepare resumes, give students access to many positions in South Florida, and coach students through the interview process. Students must meet certain requirements and attend an Internship Workshop in order to register for the Panther Internship Program.

Workshops are offered each semester. Some topics include:

  • Campus Interviewing
  • Undercover: The Secrets to Making a Good First Impression
  • How to Put Some Bling in Your Step
  • Arts & Sciences Workshop Series
  • Graduate Students Competitive Edge Series