Proposal Preparation

The PI is well advised to follow guidelines on proposal preparation. Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval is required for all Florida International University research involving human subjects. Facilities and Administrative Costs (F&A), a.k.a Indirect Costs (see # 19 in Preparing Your Proposal FAQs)

The following publications also offer useful suggestions and ideas on writing proposals.

Preparing proposals

You must complete some FIU forms and may need some information or documents about our university. You are likely to find what you need in the following links:

NSF Documents


Budget Templates to Preparing Budgets

For tips in preparing budgets, see the budget section in DOR's Proposal Preparation Handbook and Preparing Your Proposal FAQs. For further assistance, contact a pre-award officer in your school or at DOR.

Fringe Benefits: see # 22 in Preparing Your Proposal FAQ's. Students' payment and tuition: see # 17 and 18 in Preparing Your Proposal FAQ's