Teaching Online Courses

Before or during the submission of your course proposal, several steps should be taken to successfully teach in an online environment. Below is a flowchart to help guide you through the online course development process.

Once a decision is made (by you and your department chair) for you to teach an online course, you sould watch an introductory video, and participate in a training course (IOT) and several training workshops/webinars as referenced in the flowchart below. These training activities are the recommended steps to better prepare you for a successful online teaching experience.

Online Teaching Essentials Tutorial - This 30 minute video is designed for faculty who wishes to gain insight into the process of teaching a fully online course within the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) at Florida International University (FIU). The tutorial was prepared by CAS’s online development staff and discusses the process of submitting a proposal to teach a fully online course, the workflow activities that occurs once the proposal is submitted, tools and resources to facilitate online teaching and learning, instructional designer assignment and role, and ongoing support. Please review the Online Teaching Essentials Tutorial by clicking here.

Introduction to Online Teaching (IOT) – This four-week course is meant to assist faculty teaching online courses for the first time. Presented fully-online, all activities are asynchronous throughout each of the four weeks but deadlines for assignments will follow a weekly schedule. By completing this course, faculty will recognize best practices in pedagogy and design in online education and apply some of those practices in the development of their own online courses. To learn more about IOT, please click here.

Supplemental On-Campus/Webinar Courses - FIU Online offers its fully-online professors access to trainings and resources to assist in designing and developing online courses. Best practices and university resources are also made available to enable the improvement of new or already developed courses into an experience that is of high quality, engaging, and successful. Training workshops/webinars cover a range of topics including Blackboard, Adobe Connect, ADA Compliance, Quality Matters (QM) Certification, and other critical tools that support online teaching and learning. For a list of upcoming training workshops and webinars and to RSVP, please click here.

Submit Course Proposal - If you would like to teach online, you must submit an application or proposal for an Original Course Development, Renovation by Current Instructor, or Redevelopment by New Instructor. All three (3) types of proposals must go through the department chair, and the chair submits these proposals to Cassched@fiu.edu. In the form or application, you should put your department chair's email in the 'Supervisor Email' space, then he or she will automatically receive a copy of the proposal.

An Original Course Development is a new online course that has never been taught online. Renovation by Current Instructor is the revamping of an online course two (2) years from when the course was originally put online. Redevelopment by New Instructor occurs when a new instructor teaches an existing online course.

Develop Online Course – Fully online courses should be developed in their entirety prior to the courses being taught online. Faculty are assigned Instructional Designers (ID) through FIU Online and these IDs are responsible for assisting faculty with creating a course shell and uploading all course materials to the learning management system (Blackboard). Typically, it takes a faculty member one semester to develop an online course, however, Instructional Designers work closely with faculty to ensure that they receive the necessary support even while teaching the online courses.

Quality Matters (QM) Rubric Training - Quality Matters is a nationally recognized, faculty-centered, peer review process designed to certify the quality of online course design and online components. This full day, face-to-face or 2 week, fully online workshop introduces faculty to the latest research-supported rubric and shows them how to apply these quality standards to their online courses. To learn more about QM Rubric training, please click here.

Prepare Course for QM Review – To have your course certified for best practices in distance education, it is recommended that you submit your course for a formal QM review after you have taken the Applying the Quality Matters Rubric training and consulted with your Instructional Designer from FIU Online. Click here to submit your Quality Matters review form.