Additional Support

FIU Online
Support Services: 305-348-3630

FIU Online offers its fully-online professors access to training and resources to assist in designing and developing online courses. FIU Online was established as the central, university-wide academic unit for offering online courses and degree programs from all of the colleges and schools within Florida International University. Best practices and University resources are made available through FIU Online to enable the improvement of new or already developed courses into an experience that is of high quality, engaging, and successful. Training workshops and webinars cover a range of topics including Blackboard, Adobe Connect, ADA Compliance, QM Certification, and other critical tools that support online teaching.

Additionally, College of Arts and Sciences faculty are assigned Instructional Designers (ID) through FIU Online and these IDs are responsible for assisting faculty with creating online course shells and uploading all course materials to the learning management system (Blackboard).

To learn more about FIU Online and for more information on upcoming FIU Online training courses, workshops and webinars, please click here.

Center for the Advancement of Teaching
Support Services: 305-348-4214

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching (FIU CAT) seeks to recognize and cultivate learner-centered teaching throughout the university. FIU CAT provides support to faculty as they strive to balance cutting-edge research with thoughtful teaching. FIU CAT wants to help faculty harness the excitement and innovation of ground-breaking research and bring it to the classroom setting, where learning becomes the proper object of study. FIU CAT promotes students success at FIU by supporting the faculty as they foster a culture of teaching and excellence. FIU CAT provides a space for intellectual exchange about teaching and learning, encouraging faculty at all levels to devote their energy to student learning and assisting them to find new ways of facilitating community project, education.

For more information on FIU CAT and how they could be of benefit to you as an online instructor, please click here.

Disability Resource Center
Support Services: 305-348-3532

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) is a student-centered department within the Division of Student Affairs dedicated to support student learning at Florida International University. The DRC team is composed of a multidisciplinary team of professionals, who affirm that disabilities intersect with every facet of the university’s values, mission and vision. Our responsibility is to promote accessibility while facilitating awareness through partnerships, training, information-sharing and innovative programs.

Disability is an aspect of diversity that is integral to our society and to the Florida International University campus community. The Disability Resource Center collaborates with students, faculty and staff to create educational environments that are usable, equitable, sustainable and inclusive of all members of the university community. However, if you encounter academic or physical barriers on campus, the DRC staff is available to partner with you in finding good solutions or to implement reasonable accommodations.

For more information on DRC and how they could be of benefit to you as an online instructor, please click here.

Sarah Hammill, Distance Learning Librarian
Support Services: 305-348-3009

Sarah Hammill is the Distance Librarian at FIU Libraries. She assists faculty and distance/online students, who have access to the same library services and resources as on-campus students. Feel free to watch the video to find out more about Sarah Hammill and the FIU Libraries, and visit the FIU Library Resources page for online students for additional information.

Center for Excellence in Writing Online Tutoring
Support Services: 305-348-6634

The Center for Excellence in Writing is pleased to announce that they offer personalized online tutoring sessions to help students improve their writing! Online tutoring is available Monday-Friday, 9 am-10 pm. Additionally, the Center now offers online tutoring on weekends (Saturday and Sunday). Please review the Center's scheduler for online tutor availability during weekend hours. To make an appointment with one of the trained peer consultants, click on the Online Scheduler.