University Resources

Admissions (Undergraduate)

  • UP PC 231; 305-348-2362
  • BBC ACI 160; 305-919-5760

Career Services

  • UP, GC 230; 305-348-2423
  • BBC, WUC 255, 305-919-5770
  • ENG-EAS 2780; 305-348-1281

Center for Excellence in Writing

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office offers information about Financial Aid Programs, Institutional Programs, Work Study Programs, and Student Loan Information.


International Student & Scholar Services

FIU Office of Education Abroad (Study Abroad)



FIU offers more than 120 University-Wide scholarships.


Online Tutoring is provided for a wide variety of academic and student services, including CLAST Exam, Math and Statistics Tutoring, Essay Feedback, Oral Presentations, Faculty Evaluations, Test Anxiety, Career Choices, Housing and other problems.

University Technology Services (UTS)

UTS is the central technology resource provider for FIU.

  • Walk in locations: GL249 (UP) & BBC LIB Infocommons (1st Floor) 305-348-2284