Travel Support


Downloadable Application

The College of Arts and Sciences will support graduate travel on a matching basis. The college will award up to $200 once per fiscal year to encourage graduate students to present their research at professional meetings, to defray travel expenses associated with research, or to interview for a job.

I. Criteria

Academic Status

  • students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • student must be registered as full-time student

Purpose of Travel

  • To present research at a professional meeting
  • To support travel to research sites
  • Interview for academic positions

II. Procedures

  • Complete and print the application form (typeable PDF)
  • Obtain a memo of support from the Chair/Graduate Program Director
  • Provide evidence of matching support for the travel (Student Govt., Dept., etc.)
  • Provide a copy of current unofficial transcript
  • Provide a copy of TAR
  • Get signatures from Graduate Program Director & Chair/Associate Chair
  • Submit items A-E to the Dean’s office (ECS 478/476) 4 weeks prior to travel

III. Limitations

The college will provide up to $200/student/year

Downloadable Application