The College of Arts, Sciences & Education currently hosts three schools: The School of the Environment, Arts and Society (SEAS), The School of Integrated Science and Humanity (SISH) and The School of Education. SISH and Education are primarily located at the Modesto A. Maidique Campus (MMC), while SEAS is located at the Biscayne Bay Campus and at MMC.


We are pleased to announce the establishment of the School of the Environment, Arts and Society (SEAS) within the College of Arts, Sciences and Education, effective August 15, 2009. The school will be based at the Biscayne Bay Campus, but will encompass programs and environmentally-oriented faculty across the university. SEAS will create multidisciplinary synergies and collaborations that will enhance the productivity and impact of FIU scholars and teachers addressing environmental and societal challenges. The new school will include the Marine Science Program, the newly formed Department of Earth and Environment, and centers and institutes focused on environmental issues; particularly the Southeast Environmental Research Center.

SEAS will provide a focus for all College of Arts and Sciences teaching and research at BBC, drawing upon such diverse departments and programs as Creative Writing, Marine Biology, Environmental Studies, International Relations, Chemistry, Literature, and Psychology. SEAS will complement the BBC Coastal Environmental Initiative in partnership with the other BBC Schools and will also enhance environmental initiatives at other locations including at MMC and through an enhanced partnership with the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden.

SEAS will provide outreach to local, national, and international communities, disseminating research findings, promoting awareness of environmental issues, and providing leadership for a sustainable future. Its multi-disciplinary approach will highlight the interconnectedness of physical, biological, and social environments as well as the many ways in which human communities experience, participate in, affect and are affected by their environment. SEAS’ multi-disciplinary approach aims to draw faculty, undergraduate and graduate students to an innovative academic program that will be internationally recognized for its excellence and leadership.


The School of Integrated Science and Humanity (SISH) is a catalyst for strengthening, promoting and contributing to innovative research and teaching in the areas addressing human health. The school encompasses a unique integration of academic departments, centers and institutes. SISH scientists are discovering novel interdisciplinary approaches to the complex scientific challenges of the 21st century. Its renowned faculty innovate and advance the fields of biomolecular, behavioral, cognitive and basic sciences, facilitate interdisciplinary research in human health and provide leadership in creating opportunities and partnerships in the life sciences. An integral part of the College of Arts, Sciences and Education, SISH is one of three mission-based schools designed to enhance academic experiences for students and increase collaboration among disciplines. This includes working with its sister school SEAS, as well as faculty in SIPA, medicine, engineering and education.


The School of Education, strives to facilitate diverse learning environments where knowledge becomes the means to foster goal attainment for all those involved in the learning process. This process necessitates the highest ethical standards, while emphasizing inquiry as the means-ends connection to enhancing reflective intelligence in a changing social, political, cultural and technological world. To support its mission, the School is organized into two separate departments: Teaching and Learning & Leadership and Professional Studies.